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Dumpster Fire is a game about being a community of dumpster critters defending your home / food supply.

It's two pages with relatively simple layout, but it feels very complete, the writing is strong, and the design is fun and clever.

You have multiple classes you can choose between, each with two stats to prioritize and a unique special trait. You also share a hideout, which has its own attributes, and which can serve as a solid hook for plots in its own right.

You mostly play as the animals you would expect to find in a dumpster, but you can also play as a hivemind of trashy literature that can duplicate itself by writing itself onto new surfaces.

The GMing advice is also really solid, and does a good job of keeping the game focused on "what happens next?"

If you like relatively light rules, comedy tone, and solid subject matter, this is an excellent game to pick up.


Thank you so much! I'm so glad you had fun! 

Hi! I just got this as part of the mega bundle and it looks fantastic. I look forward to playing! But the link on the first page leads to a 404, so I figured I'd let you know.


Oh no! I'll fix that link right away. Thank you! Have fun!